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North Country SPCA

PO Box 55, 7700 US Route 9N
Elizabethtown, NY 12932
T: (518) 873-5000

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NCSPCA Success Stories

Every dog and cat that we find a loving home for is a success story.  Our staff waving goodbye as the new owner and pet leave our shelter is the happy ending.  Below are a few success stories that illustrate the commitment both of our staff and the wonderful people who adopt from our shelter.



Deb is one of our awesome shelter volunteers.

“Wanted to give you a big thank you and an update on Max! When I first saw Max at the NCSPCA, it was love at first site. I went home that day and told my husband all about him. The following week we all went to visit him for a meet & greet and my husband was hooked.

In such a short time, Max is doing great & fitting right in with his new family! He has become my husband’s shadow, making sure he is within his sight. His two siblings Kody & Hayleigh have accepted him into their pack. All will go to the back yard and play ball together; granted Miss Hayleigh, our alfa female, reminds the boys who the boss is.

So, as we are getting to know Max more and more, we have found that he is very intelligent, affectionate and a gentleman. Though he maybe a little too smart because at bedtime as everyone settles into their beds, Max likes to inconspicuously hop up onto our bed.

Again, we couldn’t be any luckier with our new family member Max!

Thank you again, Deb & Tom Caruso,” Schroon Lake, NY



Panda and Elsa

Panda and Elsa were two of many pets found abandoned in a house without food or water. These sweet cats blossomed at the shelter and we were thrilled that they found a loving home together.

"We knew we wanted to adopt a cat, but we kept waiting for the right time. We had recently moved into a new house and thought we should take some time to settle in and let summer draw to a close. In the meantime, we started checking the North Country SPCA's website for cats available for adoption. We found one named Panda and it was love at first sight. Still, we waited.

Then one day Panda was features in (local paper) The Sun and we completely panicked. Brooks immediately drove down to the shelter and filed paperwork to adopt her. After driving home, we realized that we needed to adopt her sister, Elsa, too. We couldn't seperate these sisters who had been through so much together.

We never planned on adopting two cats, but it was the best decision for us. Panda is outgoing and clumsy, and Elsa is reserved and poised. They are very different and yet so devoted to each other. Watching them grow up together had brought such joy to our lives and we can't imagine how we ever lived without them.

We are so grateful to Pam and her staff for providing such excellent care for these vulnerable animals. When we first got our cats home, Panda had some stomach issues. We called Pam and she was so helpful and reassuring. We really appreciate her continued support."

Brooks & Amanda, Keene, NY


Gus and Ollie

Gus and Ollie were just two of thirteen cats dumped on the shelter’s doorstep one hot August morning. Once treated for fleas and neutered, these two boys were ready to go off to their new home together.

“I just wanted to tell you how much we love the kitty brothers we adopted about a month ago. Nicky and Alex (now Gus and Ollie), have adjusted so well to our household of two dogs and three kids. I keep meaning to get a picture of my kids with the cats, but they are all so busy running around and playing. Thank you so much for all you do! We couldn’t be happier with the little boys!”

Meghan Conroy, Underhill, VT



“Duke is the definition of “good boy!” He loves car rides, hikes and the dog park. He is now trained to “sit/lay down” when people and other dogs pass us on the trail. He “fetches” and “brings back” his MANY toys. Duke has his own personal collection of bandana scarves and THREE memory foam beds. Four if you count the small one he likes to steal from his doggy brother, Rocky! Duke LOVES meal time and has learned to sit and not move until given a special order to eat. He is also learning to ring a doorbell to go outside for potty time. He plays with “his boys” who are our children and has learned their bus routine and sits at the door waiting for them. When it’s time for bed this once kennel-scared little boy now eagerly goes into it when told “night nights!” He is the perfect addition to our household and even runs and cuddles and licks the children when they cry. (We “lost” our elderly dog just after Dukes adoption.) We are so beyond happy to have his bigger than life energy in our family and look forward of years of fun to come with this VERY special boy of ours. Thank you for taking such great care of him while he was in your care. You are all the best!

Warmest regards,

The Galarneau Family,” Swanton, VT