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North Country SPCA

PO Box 55, 7700 US Route 9N
Elizabethtown, NY 12932
T: (518) 873-5000

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NCSPCA Success Stories

Every dog and cat that we find a loving home for is a success story.  Our staff waving goodby as the new owner and pet leave our shelter is the happy ending.  Below are a few success stories that illustrate the commitment both of our staff and the wonderful people who adopt from our shelter.



Minney has been with my wife and me for just over a year now and we couldn't ask for more.  She has wiggled her way into every corner of our heart and soul.  She goes everywhere with us!  It is hard to leave   her when she grins at you.  She loves car rides to just about anywhere.   In the summer she enjoys fetch and Frisbee and camping and kayaking Ausable Point Park.  In the winter she loves chasing snowballs, climbing tall plow piles, and bouncing from spot to spot in the deep snow on walks. 

At home, Minney curls up like a potato bug in a nest on blankets on the couch.  In the morning while we have coffee, she climbs into "Her Chair" in front of our sliding glass door to our deck and watches the squirrels eat seed and scamper around the deck.  A good squeaker or bone to bury in the couch will keep her happy in the afternoon!  At night, she snuggles as we relax after dinner.  If snuggling were a sport, she'd be a professional!  Minney gets tucked into bed at night, but we awaken every morning with her wedged between us. 

In the past year, Minney has grown leaps and bounds.  She listens well, is eager to please, and is full of love.  She has truly become a member of our family.  To those who have recently adopted or are thinking of adopting, my words of wisdom would be: accept your animal into your family.  Not just the "dog" or "cat," but truly as a family member.  Treat them as you want to be treated, and they will reciprocate!

- Keelyn, Steven, and Minney, Plattsburgh, NY



Max came to us more than a year ago when his owner had a medical emergency and could no longer care for him.  Now Max has found an amazing home with an incredible family to live out his days.  A pond!  A huge yard! Two new brothers (one dog, one human)!  What more could a dog ask for?  Thank you to the Smith family for giving Max a second chance and the life that he deserves.                   








Shadow, a German Shepard mix, was locked in a cellar for the first three years of his life.  He was rescued by a dog control officer and brought to the NCSPCA.  Shadow had never socialized with people and for many weeks he was withdrawn and very protective of his cage space. The shelter staff worked daily with Shadow and soon his true friendly personality flourished.

Shadow now has s second chance to enjoy life in a home with a loving family. He just been adopted.  Here's the first report from his new owner.

Here's a quick update on Shadow.  He has been fabulous!  Acts
like he's lived here all along!  Ignored the cats, made immediate friends with our daughter and our other dog, and calmly explored each room in the house!  He readily accepted my husband as "alpha" male, they get along so well.  We are very happy with him so far. He loves the snow  and we have a lot of snow!  His tail has been wagging nonstop!  We've just settled in to watch the Olympics and he has made himself right at home on our living room floor, taking a nap after an active day. Shadow is such a smart dog; there is a very old soul behind his beautiful amber eyes!

Thank You,
Julie Smalls


This letter is for the board to see as well as the staff. We adopted "Lucky" today and of course, we are the ones who are Lucky! But together with all the great things about adoption day, I need to tell you how wonderful the staff is at the shelter, especially Pam and Tim. Actually I should not name names, because they are all great. I have lived all over the country and have never taken home a dog as clean and happy as this one. They were not expecting us, so it is not like they got him bathed and ready for us. When we went back for a quick visit, he ran back into the shelter to talk to all his friends. Your gang makes life at the shelter so wonderful for all of its residents. We are really blessed. This is a thankless job and the staff is always pleasant and courteous. Thank you shelter gang first for Lucky, now known as Louie, but also, thanks for all that you do! I hope you know that you really make a difference in the lives of these darling pets.  
Molly & Waldemar Kasriels, Westport




 We wanted to drop you a note to let you know a little about Nicholas  
 whom we adopted on June 18th. He is deaf, and the canine cardiologist 
 has told us that his heart murmur is "profound" caused by an enlarged
 heart and congestive heart failure. Nonetheless, with medication, he is
 enjoying a very comfortable and active life. Nicholas divides his
 time between our homes in Olmstedville and McKnownville. He wants 
 to meet every person he sees. He enjoys going on long walks at SUNY Albany and rolling around in the grass in our fenced-in back yard. He enjoys playtime with other dogs once a week at Liberty Canine Daycare. He is a very special part of our family and we only wish he had joined us years ago. Clare & David McNally, Albany


A little update on Kooper. He continues to do well.  His personality has really come out and he is such a joy and just wants to please.  He never leaves my side voluntarily. Dexter (a black lab) and Jack (the cat) have become his best friends. They all play so well together. Kooper has learned many commands and is able to walk off leash with me down the road in the back to the lake. Upon the free command Kooper and Dexter run and romp and have a ball. He runs like a lamb and has great fun.  It is so nice to watch them romp up and down the grassy hills. Kooper finally went to a proper groomer Monday. Here is his proud picture when he came home from the groomer. Anyway, things are great in Paradox for Kooper. Thanks again.  Jeannie Scalis, Paradox



Rusty was a horribly abused dog who was given a second chance in life when he was brought to the shelter 3 years ago. He was terrified, emaciated and aggressive. Slowly the staff restored him to handsome good health. But while Rusty was friendly and affectionate with the staff, he was intimidating and standoffish with strangers.  

Monica and Tom came to the shelter to look at a litter of puppies but they had read about Rusty in the Valley News and asked to see him.  Monica said, “We realized immediately what a predicament Rusty was in. The puppies would easily find adoptive home but Rusty needed us.” Over the next few weeks, Monica and Tom drove from Schroon Lake to the shelter twice a week to spend time with Rusty. They fed him biscuits, petted him, and took him for long walks. They understood that
they needed to woo Rusty, to spend time with
him and create a bond of trust.

Over time Rusty warmed to his new friends. The final “meet the family” step was a shelter play date with Grace, the other family dog. After 12 visits over six weeks, Monica and Tom knew that the time was right to bring Rusty home. As the staff waved good-by, Rusty happily jumped into the car to begin his new life.

Today, two months after his adoption, Monica said, “Rusty has fit right in. We’re totally in love with him. When Tom is watching TV, Rusty will sit by his side making squeaking noises until he’s invited up on the couch. He and Grace are best friends and play all the time. We cannot praise the staff enough for their support and we are so grateful to have Rusty in our lives.”  Monica Roberts & Tom Fisk, Schroon Lake