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North Country SPCA

PO Box 55, 7700 US Route 9N
Elizabethtown, NY 12932
T: (518) 873-5000

Tuesday - Friday 12-4
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 12-4
Monday closed

NCSPCA Our Wishlist

We are very grateful to all of the many generous individuals who bring donations to the shelter.  Your donations—from kitty litter to bedding to toys to newspapers—help our staff tremendously in the day-to-day task of providing personal care for each and every animal in the shelter.  We recognize that each donation, whether large or small, is given with love to support our mission.  

Often people ask, “What can we give to the shelter?"  "What do you need?” After discussion with the staff, we have compiled a Wish List: the items that are used often by the staff and that are needed for everything from feeding the animals and cleaning the cages to playing with the cats and walking the dogs.  

The list below sometimes gives specific details because the staff has learned that certain products or collars or bedding work best in our shelter. As you read the list below, please keep in mind that a roll of paper towels is just as welcome as a bag of kitty litter.  

If you'd rather shop online and have it delivered directly to us, here is the link to our Amazon Wishlist.

All brands (No dry food please)

PetSmart and PetCo Gift Cards

We welcome dog treats, particularly Greenies and other dental treats. We are currently set on cat treats.


Grooming Items: Brushes, combs, etc.

Water Buckets: 4-quart stainless steel hanging buckets

Dog Collars: with metal buckles or martingale collars (collars with plastic snap locks are not reliable)

Nylon leashes: best are 6ft ALL nylon with no chain; we do NOT use retractable leashes.

Easy Walk dog harnesses in all sizes.

Toys: cat & dog toys of all types are great


Kitty Litter: Cat’s Pride is an excellent litter and widely available.

Towels: all sizes are needed

Please NO blankets or quilts.  They are too bulky for us to wash.


Liquid Dish Soap: such as Dawn, Joy, etc.

Cleaning Supplies: Windex plus spray cleaners for walls & surfaces

Laundry Detergent: any brand, either powder or liquid

Bleach: any brand

Garbage Bags: 33 gallon size

Paper Towels: all brands

Antibacterial Soap: for hands